Domain Name Registration

Securing your Domain name with Formative Studios costs you what it costs us, $10 a year. We can save you 75% of what you would have to pay another team and we can even manage your settings for you. If you have a team member that is tech savvy, we can offer you direct cPanel access so that you can manage your own settings and have more control.



Website Security

Formative Studios provides professionally signed security certificates to ensure that the traffic between your website and the server is encrypted and secure. This becomes a necessity when dealing with private data, such as credit card information.

We provide this service at cost to you, which is $15 per year. Each certificate validates a single domain and features the following:

  • 2048-bit Industry Standard SSL Certificate
  • Trusted by all popular Browsers
  • 99.9% Browser Compatibility
  • 128/256 bit encryption

Security certificates are certified by Comodo

Additionally we provide a unique ip address for your domain to ensure stability and reliability every time the website is called up. This service costs $43.13 a year or $3.59 a month and the entire package including the certificates is $58.13 a year

Domain Hosting

In addition to designing your website, we at Formative Studios offer to host your website at extremely competitive pricing. With us, you will get VPS level performance for shared hosting prices. What this means is that your website has unlimited resources and is not constrained by the demands of any other website, as you will have your own server. Therefore, you will receive lightning fast service with unlimited space and bandwidth. Hosting with us will not only give you a cheaper and more efficient service, we will also constantly monitor your website's health in terms of speed and provide service side monitoring with regular back-ups for your data. The yearly price to host with Formative Studios is $119.40, as compared to $479 that other hosting sites will charge your for the same service.

$6 .95 monthly
Free Database Unlimited FTP Access Limited Maintenance Shared Performance Limited Control *
* Limited Control : Formative can manage the hosting server in a limited way
$9 .95 monthly
Free Database Unlimited FTP Access Dedicated Maintenance Premium Performance Full Control *
* Full Control : Formative has complete control over the hosting server
$14 .95 monthly
Free Database Unlimited FTP Access Dedicated Maintenance Dedicated Performance Flexible Control *
* Flexible Control : Either you or Formative can manage the hosting server