The Formative Studios process starts with getting to know you: our client. We meet with you to find out what you have planned. This helps us establish your needs and strategies.

Once we learn your strategy and your audience, we begin a lengthy research into your market. This helps us discover what we need to do to get you the best possible results.



Once we have understood what needs to be done, our team begins to create the framework around which your website is built. This process starts with doodles and notes, detailing what needs to be covered and created. Then we try different strategic layouts, playing with different shapes and compositions.

We develop multiple designs which are then presented to you, so that you can make choices and ask for changes. After we have a wireframe, we develop iterations of that structure with different colors, type and graphics until we finalize a design that you are satisfied with.



After you have settled on a design, we start building. We work on translating the designs into a working website, checking periodically for bugs and problems.

The best part is that you have access to the website as we build it! Once everything is built, we test every aspect of it to ensure that everything is as specified.



Before we launch completely, you get the opportunity to explore your website and ensure that it all works. This way, you can experience the product and let us know if everything is to your satisfaction.

For your peace of mind, our process doesn't end with the launch of your website: we're always monitoring your website to ensure that your product continues to perform.